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19 Jul

The Sew Beautiful summer program is off to a fabulous start.  Yesterday the girls were led by our own Abiola Akanni, blogger for Bora Bora Style, about “How to Start Your Own Blog.”  She discussed the importance of branding oneself, networking and conducting oneself professionally as a young business woman.  One of  the strongest points Abiola stressed is that you are never to young to start building your business: whether your making small strides or you’re full out composing a team of people, your never to young to begin taking those steps.

At the end of class yesterday we had our lovely Sew Beautiful participants tell us what they enjoyed about the “How to Start Your Own Blog” seminar, what they’ve enjoyed about the class so far and what they hope to learn.  I’ve posted each girls response below, take a look!


Today at Sew Beautiful I learned about blogging and how to pursue it to become an entrepreneur.  What interested me the most was when Biola broke down networking, because no matter what field you’re trying to pursue, you will have to know how to network.  I would love to be a blogger and blog about my retro, vintage, yet hip-hop style and how to make it your own.  Also, I would like to share the shirt I made.  I would like to learn how to be successful at managing my own business.


I learned about blogging and learning different ways to network, also blogging about things I like and find most interesting in fashion or music and other forms of art.  The Sew Beautiful program all together has taught me how to build confidence and how to be my own person.  It’s really helped me in which direction I want to go in with fashion.  I hope to learn better blogging skills and how networking is going to help me in pursuing a fashion career, (not only fashion but music, dancing, singing and hair styling) and how to be a better business woman.


Today in Sew Beautiful I learned about blogging and how to be successful as a business woman.  The thing I was most interested in and found very important was the subject of networking and having good communication skills.  So far in the Sew Beautiful program I’ve learned to be more confident in myself and everything I do.  Most importantly to be positive and speak positively to get positive results.  I hope to learn more about how to be successful in the fashion industry.  What I have enjoyed most was designing our own bags and Sew Beautiful t-shirts.


Today in class we learned about blogging.  We learned the basic things we need to remember when blogging and when we decide what to blog about.  What I have enjoyed the most about the Sew Beautiful class so far would be when we designed our own Sew Beautiful shirts and bags.  The reason why I enjoyed that activity is because I thought it was fun being our creative selves and seeing what others did with their shirts.  Something I’m hoping to learn to do in the program is making fashion sketches of our designs.  Also sewing little things like bags would be fun.


Today in Sew Beautiful I learned that confidence is very important when it comes to business.  If you want something you have to speak it, express it, show it in a way that you really want it.  What I’ve enjoyed the most is the teaching, not only are we learning about fashion but business too.  I enjoy it because business is something I’d like to pursue, it’s a very interesting topic and you’re always learning something new.  I hope to learn more about fashion and business.


Today I learned about blogging.  So far I learned how to be very productive in the social networking business and to create various types of fashion.  I hope to learn how to product myself outside of the media with my artistic abilities such as design and alteration.


One big point I have learned is you are never to old to start your own business.  Always fake it till you make it (in B’s funny voice).  I have learned to always compliment something about yourself everyday and stay positive.  I hope to learn to create my own style and express my personality.


I learned that blogging can be fun and can help people with random interests.  What I’ve enjoyed so far about Sew Beautiful is meeting new people and feeling at home.  I hope to learn more about fashion and designing.


I’ve learned alot today.  I learned about making a blog and how important it is for a fashion designer to learn to make one.  I learned so far that beauty is so much more than looks, it’s personality also.  I also learned to be successful you have to work hard.  I want to learn as much as I can from those willing to teach me.


What I’ve learned so far from the Sew Beautiful summer program is that first you have to have a vision of what you want so that you know what you need to do to make that vision a reality.  I have also learned how to expand my personal blog and how to create a brand from it.  I’ve enjoyed the DIY’s on our t-shirts and bags and I also hope to learn more about being a fashion buyer/merchandising and the fashion business as a whole.

Thank you to all of a our so very beautiful Sew Beautiful girls, we will definitely take everything that each one of you has said into consideration to insure that you get the most out of the program!


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